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Jet Loader Types + Loaders / chute

Jet Belader Quadro Typen

Jet Loader Quadro
Typ JBM 220

For the loading of silo vehicles and containers with dry,
from powdery to
grainy bulk goods

Jet Belader Rondo Typen

Jet Loader Rondo
Typ JBM 250

For the loading of silo vehicles, containers and open vehicles
with dry, powdery or grainy bulk goods

Jet Belader Tele-Rondo

Jet Loader
Tele-Rondo JBM 200

Special loader for the charging of silo vehicles which are to be loaded with easily de-mixable bulk goods (e.g. dry mortar)



Gravel Loader Rondo
Typ DN 500, 600, 800

For dust-free laoding of coarse grained bulk materials onto open lorries or
railway carriages

Variable Staubschürze

Variable dusk skirt
Typ Rondo 250

During loading of
silo vehicles and
open lorries


Big-Bag-filling system

for the dust-free precise and reliable filling of big-bags
of all types and sizes



Big-Bag-discharge system

The reliable solution for any discharging problems

Turbinenpacker für Ventilsäcke

Impeller packer
for valve bags

The impeller packer consists of a valve bag filling system
and an electronically controlled weighing system