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Concrete Block Making Machine ABS

chart block making machineDescription
The ABS is a semiautomatic and an egg-laying type allowing the making of all types of concrete blocks used in building construction and civil engineering.
Among the products obtainable with this machine are hollow blocks, floor blocks, chimney blocks, casting stones, bond beam blocks, L-blocks and curbs. In short: All types of concrete blocks you think of.


All travelling movements are controlled via push-button operation.
A sensor (D.B.G.M.) controls the proceeding of the machine (especially important with the production of floor blocks) and a time relay ist the control element for the pre-compaction process. A sequential circuit controls the switching-on and switching-off of the vibrator during the main compaction or demoulding processes, and it ensures the starting and stopping of the travelling movements.
The operating units have been arranged in easily accessible manner in a solid and non-vibrating sectional steel frame.

Supplementary equipment
1. Vibrator "Double-Vib" (required)
2. Vibrator "Double-Vib" with high-capacity hydraulic system, highspeed gear, hydraulic rear wheel brake, overflow scraper, spindle lift for concrete hopper and noise protection equipment which keeps emission level below 85 db (A).
To ensure an adequate wet concrete supply, a mixing plant and an appropriate feeding vehicle are recommended.


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