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Variable Dust Skirt for Jet Loader Type Rondo 250

Staubschürze Skizze StaubschürzeAreas of application
The variable dust skirt is used when loading open vehicles with the loader type RONDO 250. It facilitates the optimum dust exhaust conditions during open vehicle loading.
With silo vehicle loading the loading spout can be led into the silo dome opening.

Functioning mode
The dust skirt, which is suspended with claws on the loading head, can be electro-pneumatically unlatched during open loading. When lowering the loading spout the dust skirt is lowered as well. The dust created at the loading spout through the discharged bulk goods is confined by the dust skirt and can be fed into a dust removal plant.
When loading silo vehicles the variable dust sleeve remains in its upper position and the setting cone can be led unhindered - by hand in an emergency - dome opening.

Steel construction, dust skirt of rubberized fabric with ring holder

· Optimum dust exhaust
Simple handling