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Bucket Conveyors


The continuous bucket conveyor is designed to transport bulk material from one or more infeed positions to a single high level discharge point.
Continuous conveying without transfers can be achieved with horizontal, vertical or inclined configurations.


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All types of materials can be conveyed gently and quietly. The product is fed into the moving bucket belt at a controlled rate, conveyed to high level and discharged under gravity. This highly developed system with the toothed rubber chain as the driving medium is ideal for the gentle handling of delicate foodstuffs and equally for the conveying of abrasive, coarse and dense materials commonly used in the construction industry. The elevator structures are compact with simple adaption for installation in restricted areas.
Large throughputs can be achieved with low power consumption.

Bucket belt:
The polyamid buckets are fitted one behind the other by means of a flexible connecting strip.
Rods with retaining clips pass through these connecting strips to suspend the buckets between two parallel rubber toothed chains. The assembly forms a strong, enclosed system of conveying.

The robust buckets can handle abrasive materials as well as hot products up to a temperature of 220 degrees C.

All bucket belt components are food quality and do not corrode.

The design of the continuous buckets can in certain cases act as a self clean system thus eliminating dust build up in the horizontal sections.


An antistatic version of the complete bucket belt is available on request too.

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