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Jet Loader Quadro Type JBM 220

Jet Belader Quadro

Areas of application
Wherever loose, powdery or grainy bulk goods are to be loaded rapidly and ecologically safe, the Jet Loaders
will be actively involved. Whether for cement, lime, plaster, ready-to-use roughcast, REA products, or other problematic bulk goods - the Jet Loaders will work reliably and free of troubles. Careful choice of materials and solid workmaship are the basis for good performance. Certain constructive details safeguard additional advantages.

Jet Belader QuadroTYPE QUADRO (with square buckets)
- with shutter cone
- for powdery goods
- standard size 220 x 220 mm
- buckets can be made of sheet steel, high-wear-resistant   steel or special steel
- exclusively for loading silo vehicles and containers

High operational security
by locating two pull lines outside of the material flow, the wear of these cables is practically reduced to zero, thus eliminating an otherwise frequent source of troubles and accidents.
Gentle on the outer bellows
The inner buckets are individually suspended on sturdy straps in order to limit the stroke range of the loader. The outer bellows can therefore not be damaged by overload.
Protected drive
All drive and control devices are concentrated within the loader head, where they are all well protected and yet easily accessible.
Compact design
Even if space is limited, the loader can be used without problems, since there are no pull cables and outside winches getting in the way.
Simplified installation
Just screw it on and hook up the power: Your Jet Loader is ready to operate.
Exactly guided material flow
Continuously variable speed
Rapid lowering and gentle setting down, as well as soft lifting-off and rapid raising result in economy through shortened charging times.
Tight seat
The filling spout is coated with elastomer to insure the gapless connection to the filling dome.
Easy to service
Pull cables, rods, and the drive mechanisms are easily accessible.
The material and the consistency of the buckets can be exactly adapted to the characteristics of the materials
to be handled.
A large range of accessories
Every type of silo, every charging point can be equipped with the Jet Charger. The system is variable and can
be adapted functionally and economically to any requirement by an ample range of accessories.
Compact drive motor
with integrated end switches, and with emergency control for cases of trouble.

The filling-level monitor
The filling-level monitors are essential elements for the automation of the material flow.
Depending on the physical properties of the material, different types of filling-level monitors will be required.
· rotary-wing monitor for powders and granular bulk goods up to 0.5
· vibrating probe for powdery bulk goods, even for very light materials
· capacitive probe for high-density powdery and granular bulk goods that can be measured capacitively
· ultrasonic probe for granular bulk goods, and when dust hoods are used
· pneumatic filling-level monitor for powdery bulk goods with more than 0.5

Integrated Filter
As an alternative to the conventional dedusting filters, the Jet Loader Filters are supplied with a pneumatic cleaning device. It is directly mounted on the loader head, thus using the shortest way to clean the dust-air mixture.
The remaining dust is led directly into the hopper vehicle.
The variable mounting system requires no additional mounting height.

Pneumatic cleaning
The rubber-coated filling spout, the movably suspended inner buckets, and the flexible bellows with their otherwise so useful elasticity, will however become problematic when cleaning with a mechanical vibrator.
For this reason we designed an advantageous pneumatic cleaning system, by which the inner buckets and the outer bellows are alternatedly hit by compressed-air pulses and thus cleaned. The same holds true for the exhaust space within the spout.