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Big-Bag Filling System

for the dust-free precise and reliable filling of big-bags of all types and sizes

Big Bag The equipment is of a modular design and can thus be adapted to suit every task. This modular design also permits retrofitting in many cases to increase performance or adapt the system for different products.

The variations range from the simple, manually controlled filling head to the automatic plant with high-precision weigher and pallet transport system.
Great emphasis was placed on simple and sturdy design as well as reliable operation in designing the big-bag-filling station.

The big-bag fillings systems can be equipped to suit a host of material properties. We offer the appropiate equipment for cohesive, abrasive, combustible, electrostatically charged, potentially explosive, fibrous, moist, fluidising, hot, cold, sticky, lumpy, contaminated, corrosive, hygroscopic, dusty or fragile products.

The following can be used as possible packing materials:
- disposable big-bags
- returnable big-bags
- bags with an inliner
- intermediate bulk containers (IBC)
- barrels
- standard bags
- boxes

Adjustable combination filling systems are designed so that not only one package shape and size can be filled but a wide variety of packages with suitably adapted interchangeable nozzles. This is of particular interest for flexible job packing into customer-specific containers.

The stability of the filled bags is ensured by various filling methods, depending on the product:
- standing filling
- overhead filling
- combination of overhead and standing filling

Overhead fillingis best employed for simple filling tasks which do not require compaction with products which produce a lot of dust.

Standing fillingis recommended for big-bags which are standing on pallets. With this filling method the product can be compacted during filling and it is also possible to fill other shapes of packages.

The combination of overhead and standing filling is used in universal systems of a wide variety of products and for systems with a high filling capacity.

We offer all filling variations both with and without a weighing system. The fully electronic weighing technology used complies with the latest national and European calibration regulations. We will also specialise use customer specified weighing equipment.

big-bag filling station for overhead and
standard filling equipped with roller conveyor,
bag inflation facility and vibrating system
Big Bag Filling-2

big-bag filling station for overhead filling
equipped with butterfly valve and level indicator

The centerpiece of the big-bag filling station is the filling head for dustfree filling. In all systems this filling head consists of an internal product pipe and the connection for the bag filling nozzle. The product pipe is provided witha coaxial suction jacket in which the dust in the displacement air can settle again through the decelerated air movement. Manual bag clamps or an inflatable bag holder can be used to connect the bag spout.

The filling head can be designed either as fixed or height-adjustable.
Filling stations with a fixed filling head are equipped with a rigid base frame with 4 columns.
A variation for suspending from the ceiling without columns is also available.

The following are available, depending on the application, as height adjustment facilities:
- hand winch for setting the height in standing filling
- electric chain hoist for lifting in standing and overhead filling
- pneumatic cylinder with control valve for stretching in standard filling
- screw lifting gear for use in potentially
explosive areas

The filling head is guided on the lift mast with maintenance-free idlers mounted on antifriction bearings.
The mast is a very robust sectional structure and is connected to the base frame with aluminium deflection.
The mast arranged at the rear of the station permits unhindered access on three sides for attaching and
tying up bags.

The sturdy base frame made of sealed hollow sections guarantees god stability even on unstable ground and in mobile filling stations.

Schnittdarstellung des Füllkopfes

Sectional drawing of the filling head with coaxial venting pipe. Bellow tube with telescopic inner pipe for protection against product sedimentation and wear.

On request, filling spouts are supplied for a wide variety of packages, such as containers, barrels and standard bags as well as interchargeable spouts.
Simple filling spouts without suction pipe are avilable for
non-dusty bulk products.
Please ask for more details.



Big Bag Füllstationcombination filling station
for filling big-bags and boxes. Interchangeable filling pipe and
additional precision weigher for small packages.
Metering by vibrating feeder, roller conveyor for pallet transport.

2 filling methods are available:

Volumetric filling with cut-out of the dosing when the maximum filling level has been reached. A signal is emitted from a filling level sensor integrated in the filling head. For difficult bulk products which do not permit any protrusions in the filling pipe, we also offer infrared measurement through the big-bag nozzle. The filling level measurement can also be used as an overfilling safety device in systems with a weighing system.

Gravimetric filling with weigher: High-precision filling with electronic weighing systems, either above the bag installed in the filling head or integrated in the frame for standing filling. Standing filling permits compaction during the filling process.

- explosion-protected designs to EN 5014 and international standards for operation in hazardous
  zones 1 and 11 (dust explosion)
- extraction facility with filter
- inert gas purging device
- small package filling device with separate weigher
- automatic filling station with storage carrousel
- automatic inliner closure system
- vibrating system for compcting the product during closing
- pallet conveyor for feeding and removal
- empty pallet magazine
- screw fedders and vibratory feeders for the accurate metering of the product

Big Bag Füllkopf

Filling head of an automatic filling unit
with inflating bag holder and additional
bag clamp for fasten filling skirts.
The rear pneumatic swivel hooks are moved forward.

Big Bag Unteransicht

Bottom view of a big-bag filling station
with vibrating system.
The pneumatic cushioning allows
dosing during vibrating.
The weigher will not be affected by the vibrators.
This system has a higher filling capacity
compared to conventional vibrating units.