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BS Overfill Security System

Melder + SchalteSilos that are pneumatically filled with powdery substances are prone to overfilling.
The resultant damage to the silo and its filter system as well as the consequential
environmental pollution can lead to considerable cost, not to mention inherent damage
to the operators.
The BS Overfill Security Sytem (a modular system) can be adjusted according to
customers’ individual requirements. This offers varied possibilities for future extensions.

Basic unit:
Consists of a pinch valve with a solenoid valve, level probe, switchbox with warning light
(filling in process/silo filled) and horn.

Supplementary unit # 1:
Fully automatic filter control system for mechanically cleaned filter (STAFI):
Consists of a locking device plus corresponding control unit.
The filter is cleaned for approx. 30 seconds before and after every coupling with a vehicle.
During this time the pinch valve remains closed thus preventing the escape of dust particles.

Supplementary unit # 2:
Final surge limitation for mechanically cleaned filter:
The pressure in the silo is supervised by a push-button switch. If the pressure in the silo gets too high
during the filling, the pinch valve closes, which is indicated by a light. Afterwards it reopens.

Supplementary unit # 2a:
Final surge limitation for a pneumatic filter:
The pressure in the silo is supervised by a push-button switch.
If the pressure in the silo gets too high, the pinch valve closes for about 30 seconds to allow the filter a cleaning period. Afterwards it reopens.

Supplementary unit # 3:
Shows position of the pinch valve.
The actual position of the pinch valve is displayed in the switchbox by means of a push-button switch. Simultaneously a defective rubber gasket can be recognised.

Supplementary unit # 3a:
Only in combination with supplementary unit # 3.
Malfunction notification of defective rubber gasket in the pinch valve and of defective solenoid valve.

Supplementary unit # 4:
Security supervision by loss of air pressure:
The air pressure in the supply line is supervised by a push-button switch.
In case of air pressure decrease in the system, the pinch valve closes by means of a pressure accumulator.
The fault is indicated in the switchbox.

Supplementary unit # 5:
Filling level control.
The filling level is supervised in the accurately measured by means of a capacitive or a microwave-guided level indicator with a probe or the "weigh out" of the silo.
The actual silo filling level is shown in a display unit.

Caution: not for permanent maximum level control.

Please ask for further details.