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MicrocellRetrofitable weighing system:
Often copied - never matched - the retrofitable weighing system based on semi-conductor strain gauges.
The Microcell weighing system gives the possibility to retrofit existing silos with a maintenance-free weight measurement system.
The installation can be completed within a few hours without modification of the support construction.
The patented MicrocellJ are simply bolted to the support members (legs) of the silo.

Stauchung MicrocellThe Microcell is sensing the deflection (tension, com-pression) in the material and converts this into a weight proportional voltage signal which is standardized and displayed by the electronic unit.
This method is specially suitable for big storage silos on legs (cement, coal, chalk, blaster, ...) or skirted- and batching silos.

Setting-up out of container
- Installation without interruption of production process
- Permanent display of filling level and weight
- Free of maintenance

Construction of the sensors:
The Microcell-sensor consists of a pair of semi-conductor extension measuring strips, which are
ceramically connected to a bending bar made of nickel-plated building steel, stainless steel or AIMg3.
Due to the half-bridge connection of the semi-conductor extension measuring strips, the usually with semi-conductors appearing temperature drift is compensated.
All Microcell-sensors are tested material-specific in a temperature unit and re-compensated.
When sensors are installed at a bearing element, any distortion causes a weight proportional change
of the resistance, which lines up at the output voltage and which is processed by the following
electronical unit.

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