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Overpressure and Vacuum Flap Type SDAK

For highest silo safety through optimum pressure vacuum equalization

Klappe SDAKAreas of application
The overpressure and vacuum flap TYPE SDAK is a safety organ for silos which are filled pneumatically. Overpressure as well as vacuum - vacuum arises from exhaust fans or through rat hole collapses - can be equalized because of the combined design of the pressure flaps.
The optimum protection of the silo is guaranteed through the maintenance-free construction of the SDAK flaps.

The weighted, ball bearing supported flaps are opened through the outside, respectively inside pressure of the silos. In the unopened posiiton the rubber-coated flaps are dust tight. With a negative pressure of more than 5 mbar the negative pressure flap is opened through the outside pressure. Outside air can stream into the silo for pressure equalization. When overpressure occurs in the silo interior, the flap, with an adjustable weight, opens. The excessive pressure can be neutralized via the flap opening. The special design guarantees that the actuating pressure does not increase excessively and the outlet opening can respond fully.

As construction material steel and various stainless steels are available.
Painting: Hammertone, silver grey
Standard sizes: 150 and 300 mm diameter
OPTION: As an option the flap can be fitted with proximity switches for signalizing.
For use on silos and containers in enclosed halls the flap can be supplied with an exhaust air connection pipe so that the air escaping from the silo can be led away through pipelines.

· Practically maintenance-free
· All bearings long life lubricated
· Outlet opening fully effective due to weighted flap discs
Overpressure range steplessly adjustable

Technical data
The overpressure and vacuum flap is set in the factory through an overpressure/vacuum pressure test to the respective values demanded by the client. In normal cases, when no special demands are known, the following adjustment is supplied:

  Ø 150 mm Ø 300 mm
Overpressure 60 mbar 60 mbar
Vacuum 5 mbar 5 mbar
Temperature 80°C 80°C
Air throughout maximuml 2200 m³/h 8500 m³/h
Higher adjustment and temperature on request


Dimensional Drawing Overpressure & Vacuum Flap Type SDAK 150/300

Masse Klappe SDAK

Dimension Table Overpressure & Vacuum Flap Type SDAK 150/300

150 265 355 154 154 Ø 240 380 706 240 540
300 427 617 260 260 Ø 323/240 700 902 420 810