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The convincing solution: robust, accurate, maintenance-free and good value for money.
Continuous weighing system for feed rates between 30 and 5.000 t/h.

UnibandAreas of applications/features:
Belt scales are often operating under "hard" conditions. Therefore your expectations concerning the stability of these weighing systems are pretty high.
Further more the belt scales shall deliver accurate measuring results and their operation should be maintenance-free.
The belt scale UNIBAND fulfills all expectations towards a modern weighing system.
The single idler belt scale is ideal for measuring and controlling product flow in the mining industry (gravel, sand, chalk, recycling material).
The stainless steel weighing frame includes an integrated overload protection which makes the belt scale very suitable for safe operation under worst ambient conditions.
The weighing frame simply replaces the existing idler (typical accuracy W 1 %).
Alternative a dual-(tandem) idler weighing frame is available (accuracy W 0,5 %).
The weight is measured via high precision, full bridge strain gauge sensor (IP 67).
The microprocessor-controlled electronic includes all necessary features for belt scale users.

Steuerung UnibandThe alphanumeric display with backlight shows the actual flow rate (t/h), four code protected counters (m3), preselected counter, time counter and control functions.
An automatic record printer is avalilable as an option.
The electronic can be installed up to 600 m from the weighing frame.
The electronic can handle up to 4 scales.

- High measuring accuracy
- A system for all types of usage
- Robust, maintenance-free construction
- Good value for money and short delivery times
- Various possibilities for the extension of this weighing system
- The measuring is pre-calibrated
- The user can set it up easily and quickly.