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Pneumatic Pinch ValvesPneumatic Pinch Valves

Safety component for the pneumatic filling of silos

Areas of application:
The pinch valve is used with the pneumatic filling of silos.
The valve closes by using air/fluid supplied to valve body. The specially designed sleeve will then close 100 %. Max. operating pressure: 2 to 6 bar (depending on valve diameter).

Whena filling a silo pneumatically the bulk material is blown with air pressure through the filling tube into the silo. The plain pipe profile guarantees high conveying performance and low wear.
In an emergency, the alarm of a security unit or a breakdown of the control unit etc. the pinch valve will be closed from without by the increase of pressure on the membrane.
The increase of pressure on the membrane in the spherical part of the housing at least has to be 2 bar higher than the conveying pressure and therefore the pinch valve will be compressed to total closeness.
The directly connected solenoid valve allows a quick streaming in of the control air, which closes the membrane in a safe way.


- safe to operate
- economical
- robust
- short closing times

dimensional drawing

materials, design & technical data

Pneumatic Pinch Valve TYPE V (flange type DN 40 bis 250 mm) - PDF