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AnflanschklappeFlange Mounted Valves

Butterfly valve with threaded holes.
This type enables the one sided lugging of pipes.

- Absolutely tight sealing with flow in either direction
- The valve body and disc are accurately machined which results in low operating
   torque and long service life and reliability.
- Triple shaft bearings prevents shaft deflection and guarantees optimum guidance even    after many years of operational service.
- Can be disassembled, material-specific recycling possible.
- Maintenance-free
- Fully repairable valve
- Single flange mounting is possible (please request details)

General applications:
- Chemical and petrochemical industries
- Water and wastewater technology
- Pneumatic materials handling technology
- Shipbuilding
- Power generation industry
- Food industry
- Civil engineering
- For paint and lacquers, a silicon-free version is available

  Tabelle Anflanschklappe

 Tabelle Anflanschhklappe

Tabelle Anflanschklappe