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Flow Bow

The strong deflector elbow. Resists wear even by highly abrasive materials.
Proven economical in many years of heavy duty.

Flow-Bow. Favourable conduction of the resistant cast steel safeguard extreme flow, optimum wall thickness and highly durability, and thus lower costs.

Flow Bow

Pneumatic silo filling systems usually have an evident weak spot: The elbows.
Certain bulk goods will wear conventional elbows through within just a few hours. Not only the replacement elbow is what makes prmature wear so expensive. The worst cost raisers are the man-hours necessary for the replacement, and often it takes two men to do the job. And then there is the loss of production and material, and the fact that the damage invariably occurs in times of stress. Before the plant can't be switched off, large quantities will have been blown out. And that means trouble, too.
Either you must clean the place and the plant - which means more expenses - ot there could be ecological hazards with even costlier consequences.

Areas of application/operation/material/design/advantages
A durable remedy is offered by more resistant elbows. The FLOW BOW solution is so simple, and therefore so reliable. The FLOW BOW is so designed, the from the beginning of the conveying process the material handled will form a buffer layer on the spots most subject to wear, on which the main stream will then slip unhindered through the full nominal diameter. This alone will reduce wear to a minimum.

Funktionsskizze Flow Bow

The diagram shows the formation of the buffer layer due to the special design of
After its formation the material will slide over that bolster, so that the inner walls
are vastly protected from wear by friction.

The optimum wall thickness and the highly resistent cast steel used, additionally safeguard extremely long durability.
Without any additional requirements the FLOW BOW elbow is an ideal component for sturdy handling of bulk material. Reliable operation with a three-fold cost saving effect: When buying it, in continuous operation, and for not needing any servicing.
Shortly after its introduction in the market in spring 1984, experienced practitioners from a highly diversified range of fields recognized the extraordinary usefulness of the FLOW BOW. Its advantages are now undisputed and can be proven by simple calculation.
In the industrial fields listed below you will find quite a few instances of unlimited application of the FLOW BOW. We will be glad to give you references in your vicinity.
· chemical industry
· ceramics industry
· manufacturing or refractory products
· glass industry
· mining (coal and ores)
· power plants
· foundries
· metallurgy
· processing plants for plastic granule (FLOW BOW of special steel)
· plants heandling rocks and earths (cement, lime, plaster, quartz)
· food industry (cocoa bean shells etc.)
· animal feed industry
· agriculture (seed)
· airports and communities (sand)

After continuous amplification of our size range, the folowing nominal diameters are now available:
40 - 50 - 65 - 80 - 100 - 125 - 150 - 175 - 200 mm

Special versions of the FLOW BOW
For special purposes the FLOW BOW can be supplied in other materials. When blow-handling plastic granulates, for example, the danger may arise that the cast steel elbows, due to their carbon contents, will cause discolouring of the granulate. For this reason we also supply the FLOW BOW in stainless steel.
If the products you are handling require special materials, just contact us. If feasible, we will find a suitable solution.

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