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Conveying Diverter Valve

To divert a conveyed material stream into two pipelines in high - or low - pressure conveying systems

RohrweicheAreas of application
The conveying diverter valve TYPE SRW is a two-way diverter valve for application in pneumatic high- and low-pressure conveyor systems. Suitable for conveying of dry, non-caking bulk goods from powdery up to abrasive. Because of variable sealing materials, bulk goods with temperatures up to 180° C can be conveyed without problems. The material cushion accumulation during dense stream conveying transfers the wear zone into the material cushion away from the valve walls.

A shifting swivel arm distributes the bulk goods. The swivel arm is equipped with a gasket cone with easily exchangeable gaskets. Sealing is effected against hardened interior rings. Shifting is achieved via a pneumatic or electro-motoric swivel drive. Swivel drive with limit switches for position indication.
Pneumatic swivel drive with 5/2-way impulse magnetic valve guarantees secure operation - even during power outage.

Housing: grey, nodular-cast iron or stainless steel casting
Swivel arm: nodular- or stainless steel-cast iron
Sealing ring: rubber, silicone, viton
Painting: hammertone, silver-grey

Technical data

Pneumatic swivel drive:
Operating pressure: 10 bar
Control pressure: 5 bar
Limit switch box with mechanical limit switches, made by Schmersal
Solenoid valve voltage: 24 V DC/24 V AC/ 230 V AC
As control valve a 5/2-way impulse magnetic valve is used.

Electro-motoric swivel  drive:
Operating pressure: 10 bar
Voltage: 400 V/AC
Limit switch box with mechanical limit switches, made by Schmersal

with hand swivel lever
Operating pressure: 10 bar

· Material cushion formation during dense stream conveying
· Wear zone diverted into the material cushion
· During power outage the swivel arm remains in the selected position
· Sealing rings can be exchanged without disassembly during shortest stoppages
· Pressure tight, even in the low pressure area

DIMENSIONAL DRAWING Conveying Valve TYPE SRW/PS with pneumatic swivel drive

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DIMENSION TABLE Conveying Diverter Valve TYPE SRW/PS with pneumatic swivel drive

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