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A compact and reliable dust filter needing little maintenance.
Well proven, with over 10 years operation in thousands of applications

STAFIThe advantages
· Reliable semiautomatic hose-filter system
· A design needing little maintenance with no movable and thus troublesome parts
· High efficiency: maximum dust/air separation factor
· Sturdy unbalance type shaker
· Even stress without flow impediment
· Even cleaning of the entire filter hose surface

Dust filters are suited for dust/air separation during pneumatic loading of silos with dry powdery materials, especially in industrial plants, building trade and quarries.

Design and function
The sturdy, high quality design has been proven to be efficient under extreme conditions with the operation being unproblematic und uncomplicated.
The ingenious "Clip in System" of Filter Hoses makes the changing of these quick and simple, without the riggers of exchanging hoses where systems use hose clamps and screws.
The dust will settle on the inside of the hose-filters as the dust-laden gas flows through the bottom of the filter hose, which is open to the silo and closed at the top. Using this method the individual dust particles are separated from the conveying gas. The purified gas then escapes into the atmosphere between the protective rain hood and the filter jacket. High quality filter hoses are installed to protect the system from the final pressure surge, at the end of a filling cycle, therefore preventing damage to the hoses. The synthetic hose materials have been especially chosen to suit a range of different materials and each individual hose can be easily changed due to the easy access to the filter housing.
On the completion of each filling cycle, the filter should be cleaned. By activating the push-key, the unbalance-type shaker will cause the swing plate to oscillate and any material collected on the hose surfaced is vibrated loose and drops back into the silo. The cleaning cycle is variable, but under normal conditions takes 30 seconds, dependent upon the nature of the material being handled in quantity of dust prduced.

Stafi-A Stafi-B Stafi-C
1. The dust-laden gas flows into
the filter hoses which are open at
the bottom and closed at the top.
The clean gas escapes between
the filter jacket and the rain hood.
2. When the filling process is
finished, the inside of the
hose-filter units is covered
with dust.

3. A manual or automatic
release will cause the
unbalance-type shaker
to oscillate. The hose surfaces
are cleaned, and the dust will
fall back into the silo.


Measure table Type STAFI

measure table STAFI