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Conveyor Belt Filter


Areas of application:
The filter TYPE Ulufi serves for the direct dedu­sting and dust feed-back by enclosed conveyor belts, silos  and jet-loader. Its compact design permits its application for the dedusting of air conveyor channels, enclosed conveyor belts, silos or bunkers which are gravity-filled without pressure.
High quality, coated material or the stainless steel model allow the use of the loader filters in almost all industrial
sectors. Special attention was given to the problem-free feed-back of the filter dust into the silo vehicle or conveyor belts.


Dust separation is accomplished via the filter elements which are cleaned-off singly, in sequence with short blasts of compressed air. The cleaning-off blast comes from a pressure reservoir and special valves. A pressure reducer with fines filter is connected to the pressure reservoir - in­stalled in the clean gas compartment - so that the cleaning-off pressure from 3 - 4 bar can be regulated.
The dust exhaust is carried out via a variably attachable ventilator. The loader filter is equipped with a vacuum shutter installed in the clean gas compartment.
This shutter assures that no vacuum of more than 5 mbar develops in the system, thus making any damage to the bellows impossible. The optional filter control includes any easily adaptable filter cartridge cleaning feature. For the first time this permits cleaning-off the filter cartridges in short intermission periods after completion of loading.
The performance checking device has been placed un­der the transparent control unit cover through which the cleaning process is displayed via LEDs. Expansion modu­les include a filter function control for the supervision of the filter cleaning operation. This device ensures that an electrical or pneumatic break-down, such as, for example, a cable break or the absence of air pressure, is indicated on a display. Failure of the filter and the resulting dust development will, of course, also be indicated.
For use with filters subject to extreme work-loads and for the optimum protection of the filter plant, a thorough check for any possible dust blow-out in the exhaust air pipeline is offered. With slightly damaged filter cartridges an increased dust blow-out occurs shortly after a cleaning-off blast. This condition is detected and indicated as a disturbance.

  • Economical dedusting of conveyor belts, loaders and silos without pressure
  • Extremely compact design
  • Easy access for convenient cleaning and maintenance
  • Custom tailored designs
  • Automatic recycling of filtered dusts – no hazardous waste
  • Filter grade < 5 mg/m³
  • Electronic control included
  • Filter box made of steel, lacquered, hammer tone silver grey
  • Other materials, e.g. stainless steel available


Technical Data Ulufi

Technische Daten Ulufi